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Introducing STUDIO SVNTN™! Goodbye... for now, Made by Shakes!

A letter from our CEO

Welcome to STUDIO SVNTN... Formerly known as: Made by Shakes!

I would like to share with you the reasoning behind the renaming and rebranding of our agency.

When I first launched Made by Shakes, I was a complete solopreneur. I had the vision of building a brand that represented me - after all, that is all I knew. Fast forward two years, I can now look back and say that I have been fortunate to work on many exciting projects since launching in 2020, and managed to build a status as a reputable creative agency.

However, after careful consideration, I decided to rename, re-brand, and design a new website that would reflect our values: passionate storytelling, problem solving, creative innovation and synergy.

Here are a few reasons why I decided it was time to rename and rebrand:

  1. I wanted a name that reflected what it is that we do.

  2. I wanted a name that reflected our team, our collective.

  3. I wanted a brand that would appeal to our dream clients.

  4. I wanted to elevate and amplify our branding.

  5. Overall, I wanted a brand that truly aligned with the future of our business

This rebrand comes with many new services, investments, and partnerships for our clients to benefit from.

I will always be proud of the brands we built, the work we were able to accomplish, and the clients we've collaborated with as Made by Shakes, however, I know moving forward as STUDIO SVNTN will be a major contributing factor to our future success.

On behalf of myself and the STUDIO SVNTN team, thank you for joining us on this journey.

Samantha Shakes


*pop the champagne*

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Wow…the depth of your Reflection…Proud of you…KUDOS…

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